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About The Staff


Kevin Weathers - Bar Manager
Kevin is new to the Charlene’s team.  He has twenty-three years in the hospitality field—sixteen years as a bartender and seven years of bar management.  He was born and raised in southeast Michigan and lived here until he finished college.  Wanting to put his skills to the test and have an adventure, he moved to Las Vegas in 2007.  In Las Vegas, he worked at some of the most prominent hotels, resorts, nightclubs, and pools in the world.  Kevin moved back to Michigan in 2015 to be closer to family and friends.  Customer service is Kevin’s number one priority and he looks forward to meeting some smiling faces in Pontiac.  Cheers!!

About The Art

The Jones Brothers

     Hank, Elvin, and Thad Jones were born in Pontiac, Michigan; Hank in 1918, Thad in 1923 and Elvin in 1927. They were three of ten children in the Jones family.

     In the mid-1940s, Hank would go to New York City to become one of the most prolific and respected swing-to-bop pianists in the business. He landed gigs at the Philharmonic, and as Ella Fitzgerald's accompanist. Hank continued to play right up to the time of his death in 2010.

     Thad would arrive in New York in 1954. He made a name for himself as a trumpeter, composer and arranger in both small groups and big bands, especially with Count Basie's orchestra. Eventually, he went on to lead a renowned orchestra of his own with drummer Mel Lewis.

     Elvin joined his brothers in New York in 1956. He grew into one of the most dynamic drummers in the history of jazz. His powerful, poly-rhythmic style came into its own during his time with John Coltrane's classic quartet of the 1960s.

     “Upon learning about the poetic careers of the Jones Brothers, I became instantly inspired to develop this piece by paying tribute to their musical genius through the use of their instruments with color and texture.” - Sidney Carter, artist

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